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  1. Kreeti Bangles
    Kreeti Bangles
    Rs 799 Rs 899
  2. Qudsiya Kara Bangle (Maroon)
    Qudsiya Kara Bangle (Maroon)
    Rs 3,299
  3. Qudsiya Kara Bangle (Green)
    Qudsiya Kara Bangle (Green)
    Rs 3,299
  4. Namra Bangles
    Namra Bangles
    Rs 3,499
  5. Silver Bangles
    Silver Bangles
    Rs 2,899
  6. Gold Bangles
    Gold Bangles
    Rs 3,099
  7. Golden Metal Bangles
    Golden Metal Bangles
    Rs 449 Rs 499
  8. Silver Metal Bangles
    Silver Metal Bangles
    Rs 449 Rs 499
  9. Emel Bangle ( 2.6 size)
    Emel Bangle ( 2.6 size)
    Rs 3,299



Explore our diverse collection of Bangles, a standout section of our Handwear category crafted to infuse traditional charm and modern elegance into your wardrobe. Whether you're looking for something sparkling for a festive occasion or a simple, elegant piece for everyday wear, our bangles are designed to impress and express.

Each bangle in our collection is carefully selected to offer versatility and style. Perfect for stacking or wearing solo, these pieces provide a finishing touch that complements any outfit, ensuring you shine on every occasion.

Silver Bangles: Timeless Elegance for Every Occasion

Discover the allure of our Silver Bangles collection, a highlight of our Handwear series designed for sophistication and style. These bangles offer timeless elegance and a modern flair, perfect for enhancing any outfit from day to night.

Crafted with precision, each piece in our collection is designed to celebrate the beauty of silver. Ideal for everyday elegance or special celebrations, these silver bangles are a must-have for anyone looking to add a touch of class to their wardrobe.

Celebrate Eid with Our Bangles for Eid Exclusive Collection

Discover the perfect finishing touch for your Eid attire with our exclusive collection of bangles for Eid. Designed to complement traditional and contemporary styles, these bangles add a festive sparkle to your celebrations. Each piece reflects the joy and elegance of Eid, crafted to enhance your festive outfits with a touch of glamour and tradition.

Our Eid bangle collection features a variety of designs, from intricate filigree patterns to sleek, modern styles. Made with high-quality materials and attention to detail, these bangles are both durable and stylish. Whether you're attending an Eid gathering or giving a gift to someone special, our bangles are sure to impress and make the festive occasion even more memorable.

Quality of Our Bangles:

Introducing's bangles - a testament to timeless beauty and impeccable craftsmanship. Every bangle is thoughtfully curated, blending traditional motifs with contemporary design elements.

Made using high-quality materials, our bangles don’t just shine bright but are also designed to be long-lasting. Whether it's the finesse of the metalwork, the brilliance of the stones, or the vibrancy of the enamels, each aspect of our bangles promises sophistication and durability.

What Our Customers Say:

"Wearing’s bangles gives me a sense of pride. Their shine, design, and quality are unparalleled!" - Noor J.

"I've always believed bangles complete an ensemble, and ensures they do so with elegance and charm." - Samina T.

"For occasions big or small, I find myself gravitating towards my bangle collection from They are, without doubt, my favorite accessory!" - Hira F.

Our Commitment to You:

At, our relationship with our patrons goes beyond a mere transaction. We're dedicated to ensuring you have not just a product, but an experience that remains memorable.

Every bangle is a result of rigorous quality checks, ensuring that what you wear is a piece of art. From the moment you browse our collection to the instant our bangles embrace your wrists, we are committed to offering you unparalleled service and satisfaction.

The Experience with Bangles:

Adorning our bangles isn't just about adding an accessory; it's about evoking emotions and memories. The gentle chime of our bangles resonates with stories, traditions, and moments that matter.

As they adorn your wrists, they become an extension of your persona, enhancing every gesture with grace and poise. Our bangles are not just ornaments; they are conversations, celebrations, and cherished moments.

Elevate your ensemble and express yourself with bangles from


  • "I simply loved the choker and the set. Love, love, LOVE the quality! Definitely shopping from you again"

    Fajar Abbas

  • "I had an amazing experience shopping with Alita, loved the high quality!"

    Amna Shakeel