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  • For orders above RS 10,000/- will require a 50% advance payment.
  • Attention: Eid deliveries will be taken until the 15th in Lahore. Deliveries to other cities have been closed

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  1. Rahat Jhumkay
    Rahat Jhumkay
    Rs 3,499
  2. Razia Jhumkay
    Razia Jhumkay
    Rs 3,499
  3. Rabab Jhumkay
  4. Rifat Jhumkay
    Rifat Jhumkay
    Rs 3,399
  5. Sabeena Jhumkay (Golden)
  6. Dua Jhumkay (Silver)
  7. Dua Jhumkay (Golden)
  8. Damna Earrings and Teeka Set
    Damna Earrings and Teeka Set
    Rs 4,499
  9. Heer Jhumkay
  10. Minimal Earrings/Teeka (Pearl)
    Minimal Earrings/Teeka (Pearl)
    from Rs 399
  11. Minimal Earrings/Teeka (Maroon)
  12. Minimal Earrings/Teeka (Black)
  13. Minimal Earrings/Teeka (Dark Green)
    Minimal Earrings/Teeka (Dark Green)
    from Rs 399
  14. Minimal Earrings/Teeka (Baby Pink)
  15. Manika Earrings (Silver Black)
  16. Manika Earrings (Silver Pearl)
  17. Manika Earrings (Silver Baby Pink)
    Manika Earrings (Silver Baby Pink)
    Rs 1,599
  18. Manika Earrings (Silver Light Green)
  19. Manika Earrings (Silver Green)
  20. Cuckoo Earrings (Light Green)
  21. Cuckoo Earrings (Multi)
  22. Cuckoo Earrings (Champagne)
  23. Cuckoo Earrings (Maroon)