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Our new arrivals are sure to dazzle you and elevate your style. From mesmerizing sapphire and ruby pendant sets to elegant gold-plated pendant sets, we have something for everyone. Our faux pearl rings, such as the golden tapered, conical silver, braid, golden symmetrical, and symmetrical silver ring, are also sure to charm.

And if you're looking for something unique, our Mansha in sapphire green and Sophie in sapphire are exquisite pieces that promise a blend of tradition and trend.Β Embark on your fashion journey with us and let our jewelry transform your everyday look into something truly extraordinary.Β 

Shop now and let your style shine.


  • I had an amazing experience shopping with Alita, loved the high quality!

    Amna Shakeel

  • I simply loved the choker and the set. Love, love, LOVE the quality! Definitely shopping from you again

    Fajar Abbas