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Earrings- Modern

Ignite your style with our Modern earrings collection. Our earrings are meticulously designed to enhance your glamorous look.

Choose From a Variety of Styles, Including:

  • Leeta earrings in captivating hues like Ruby, Champagne, Baby Pink, Turquoise, Silver, and Golden.
  • Shein earrings for a chic minimalist look.
  • Swan earrings with graceful curves.
  • Hannah, Eleanor, and Edith earrings in timeless Baby Pink.
  • Jenna earrings in dazzling Sapphire and pristine White versions.
  • Ivy earrings in enchanting White, Green, Red, and Black.
  • Lauren and Chloe earrings for a touch of contemporary charm.
  • Lyla and Estelle earrings in Ruby and Baby Pink blend modern aesthetics with classic allure.
  • Saman earrings in Ruby and Champagne, Rooba, Zulu, Avni, Tania, and Roxa earrings for bold, fashion-forward statements.
  • Cheryl, Julie in Crystal, Sapphire, and Black, and Kyra in Emerald, Red, and Sapphire earrings, masterpieces of modern design.
  • Polki studs for a subtle yet striking sparkle.

Dive into our Modern earrings collection and elevate your style quotient with every purchase. Shop now and let your ears sparkle with sophistication.


  • I had an amazing experience shopping with Alita, loved the high quality!

    Amna Shakeel

  • I simply loved the choker and the set. Love, love, LOVE the quality! Definitely shopping from you again

    Fajar Abbas