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  1. Manila Pendant Set
    Manila Pendant Set
    Rs 1,499
  2. Sunshine Pendant Set (Golden)
  3. Sunshine Pendant Set (Pink)
  4. Sunshine Pendant Set (Silver)
  5. Sunshine Pendant Set (Black)
  6. Cleo Pendant
    Cleo Pendant
    Rs 664 Rs 699
  7. Soul Pendant
    Soul Pendant
    Rs 664 Rs 699
  8. Freedom Pendant
    Freedom Pendant
    Rs 664 Rs 699
  9. Dotty Pendant
    Dotty Pendant
    Rs 664 Rs 699
  10. Pearl in a cube Pendant
  11. Gem Pendant
    Gem Pendant
    Rs 699
  12. Marigold pendant
    Marigold pendant
    Rs 854 Rs 899
  13. Star Pendant Set - Alita Accessories
  14. Square Pendant - Alita Accessories
  15. Lucky Pendant - Alita Accessories
  16. Dual Pendant Set - Alita Accessories
    Dual Pendant Set
    Rs 1,399
  17. Lola Pendant - Alita Accessories
    Lola Pendant
    Rs 1,099
  18. Gold Plated Pendant Set - Alita Accessories
    Gold Plated Pendant Set
    Rs 1,299 Rs 1,599
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Pendant for Girls

Elevate your style with our exquisite collection of pendant for girls, each piece crafted to adorn your neckline with grace and sophistication. Discover the perfect harmony of design and beauty as you wear our pendant sets, a reflection of your unique elegance."

Pendant for Girls: Stylish Elegance Defined

Explore our exclusive collection of pendants for girls, where each piece is a blend of charm and style tailored for the modern young woman. Our pendant sets are perfect for those who appreciate elegance with a contemporary twist, making each moment special.

Delight in our curated range, designed to complement every outfit, from casual chic to formal elegance. These pendants are crafted to be versatile, making them ideal gifts or personal treasures that add a touch of sophistication to any wardrobe.

Quality of Our Pendant Sets:

Experience a symphony of design and elegance with's Pendant Sets. Each set is a masterpiece, a harmonious blend of precision, artistry, and innovation. Crafted using the finest materials, our pendants promise both brilliance and durability.

The detailed engraving, impeccable setting of stones, and the luster of our metals ensure that each piece is not only a visual delight but also a treasure that stands the test of time.

What Our Customers Say:

"'s Pendant Sets are the epitome of sophistication. A touch of elegance that elevates any outfit." - Ayesha K.

"I was searching for something unique and delivered. Their pendant sets are a class apart!" - Rabia T.

"My favorite accessory? The Pendant Set I got from It's more than jewelry, it's a statement." - Laraib N.

Our Commitment to You:

Your satisfaction is our success. At, we strive to not just meet but exceed your expectations. Our dedication goes beyond the sale; it’s about building lasting relationships.

Each Pendant Set is a result of countless hours of design and craftsmanship, ensuring that when you choose us, you choose unparalleled quality and service. From browsing to buying and beyond, our commitment is to offer an experience that’s as precious as the jewelry itself.

The Experience with Pendant Sets:

Donning our Pendant Sets is more than just accessorizing; it's an embrace of elegance, a reflection of your individuality. As the Pendant rests close to your heart, it resonates with your unique charm, adding a touch of grace to every moment. Whether it's a casual day out, a business meeting, or a special evening, our Pendant Sets ensure you carry a halo of sophistication around you.

Discover yourself anew with Pendant Sets from Let elegance be your constant companion.


  • "I simply loved the choker and the set. Love, love, LOVE the quality! Definitely shopping from you again"

    Fajar Abbas

  • "I had an amazing experience shopping with Alita, loved the high quality!"

    Amna Shakeel