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  1. Daisy Set (Golden Blue)
    Daisy Set (Golden Blue)
    Rs 4,799
  2. Daisy Set (Golden Peach)
  3. Daisy Set (Golden Baby Pink)
    Daisy Set (Golden Baby Pink)
    Rs 4,799
  4. Daisy Set (Silver Peach)
  5. Daisy Set (Silver Crystal)
  6. Lily Set (Silver Peach)
  7. Lily Set (Golden Champagne)
  8. Lily Set (Golden Ruby)
    Lily Set (Golden Ruby)
    Rs 4,799
  9. Audrey Set (Golden Blue)
  10. Audrey Set (Silver Blue)
  11. Luna Set
  12. Naomi Set (Dark Blue)
  13. Naomi Set (Black)
  14. Clementine Set
  15. Mehar Set (Ruby)
    Mehar Set (Ruby)
    Rs 11,999
  16. Rahmiyah Set (Baby Pink)
  17. Rahmiyah Set (Champagne)
    Rahmiyah Set (Champagne)
    Rs 2,499
  18. Rahmiyah Set (Pearl)
  19. Rahmiyah Set (Green)
  20. Rahmiyah Set (Ruby)
  21. Zaima Set (Green)
    Zaima Set (Green)
    Rs 6,399