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  1. Rahmiyah Set (Baby Pink)
  2. Rahmiyah Set (Champagne)
  3. Rahmiyah Set (Pearl)
  4. Rahmiyah Set (Green)
  5. Rahmiyah Set (Ruby)
  6. Zaima Set (Green)
    Zaima Set (Green)
    Rs 6,399
  7. Zaima Set (Light Green)
  8. Aroofa Set (Pearl)
  9. Mehrbano (Golden Turquoise)
  10. Asnaa (Golden Mint)
  11. Mahira Set (Golden Champagne)
  12. Petunia Pendant Set
    Petunia Pendant Set
    Rs 1,099
  13. Quad Pendant
  14. Lucky Pendant (Black)
  15. Crystal Drop Pendant (Silver)
    Crystal Drop Pendant (Silver)
    Rs 1,149
  16. Ball Pendant Set (Silver)
  17. Ball Pendant Set (Golden)
  18. Scarlett Set (Golden)
  19. Scarlett Set (Silver)
  20. Wafaa Earrings/Teeka Set (Black)
    Wafaa Earrings/Teeka Set (Black)
    Rs 2,649
  21. Celia set (Dark Blue)
    Celia set (Dark Blue)
    Rs 4,599
  22. Celia set (Light Green)