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Today Silver Rate in Pakistan


Silver weights

Price in PKR

1 Gram

263.9 PKR

10 Grams

2,639 PKR

1 Kilo

263,871.6 PKR

1 Tola

3,077.8 PKR

1 Ounce

8,207.34 PKR

Today Silver Rate in Pakistan provides an essential benchmark for silver traders and buyers. As of the latest update, the price for 1 gram of silver is 263.9 PKR. 

For larger quantities, 10 grams of silver cost 2,639 PKR, and 1 kilogram is priced at 263,871.6 PKR. The rate for 1 tola of silver stands at 3,077.8 PKR, while 1 ounce of silver is valued at 8,207.34 PKR. 

These rates reflect the current market conditions, offering a clear guide for anyone looking to purchase or invest in silver in Pakistan.

Today Silver Rate in Pakistan Per Tola

Silver type

Rate per Gram (PKR)

Rate per Tola (PKR)













Today Silver Rate in Pakistan per Tola varies according to the type and purity of the silver. For 24k silver, the rate is 270.20 PKR per gram, translating to 3,220.00 PKR per tola. 

For 22k silver, the price is 240 PKR per gram, equating to 2,798.4 PKR per tola. The rate for 21k silver stands at 220 PKR per gram, or 2,565.2 PKR per tola. 

Lastly, 18k silver is priced at 200 PKR per gram, amounting to 2,332.2 PKR per tola. These rates provide a comprehensive overview of the current silver market, helping buyers and investors make informed decisions based on the purity and type of silver they are interested in.

Silver Rate in Pakistan Today Per Tola 12 Gram

Silver Rate per 12 Grams

Silver Rate per Tola

PKR 248,052

PKR 241,023.86

Silver Rate in Pakistan Today per Tola 12 Gram is a critical metric for those involved in the silver market. Currently, the silver rate per 12 grams stands at PKR 248,052, 

While the rate per tola is PKR 241,023.86. These figures reflect the prevailing market conditions and provide a reliable reference for buyers and investors looking to gauge the value of silver accurately.

24 Carat Silver Rate in Pakistan Today

Silver type

Silver rate per gram (PKR)



24 Carat Silver Rate in Pakistan Today is a crucial reference for silver buyers and investors. Currently, the rate for 24k silver stands at 270.20 PKR per gram. 

This rate reflects the high purity of 24 carat silver, making it a valuable option for those seeking premium quality in their silver purchases. 

Whether for investment purposes or personal use, understanding the current market rate helps in making informed decisions in the silver market.

Today Silver Rate in Pakistan 22k Per Tola

Silver type

Silver rate per Tola (PKR)



Today Silver Rate in Pakistan 22k Per Tola is a significant figure for those engaged in buying or investing in silver. The current rate for 22k silver is 2798.4 PKR per tola. 

This rate indicates the value of 22k silver, which is known for its balanced purity and affordability, making it a popular choice among consumers and investors alike.