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Why Pakistani Brides are Opting for Artificial Jewellery: A Deep Dive

Why Pakistani Brides are Opting for Artificial Jewellery: A Deep Dive

In recent years, a noteworthy shift has been observed in the choices of Pakistani brides, particularly in their preference for artificial jewelry over traditional gold and precious stones. This trend isn’t confined to Pakistan alone; it’s a global phenomenon where preferences in bridal jewelry are seeing a trans-formative shift. 

So, what factors have led to this change among Pakistani brides? The preference for artificial jewelry among Pakistani brides emerges from a confluence of economic, societal, and personal factors.

This change not only signifies a transformation in consumer behavior but also underscores a redefinition of what is valued and considered essential in the celebration of union and marital happiness. Lets understand this with the help of a Graph below.

One of the significant factors influencing economic decisions in Pakistan, including choices related to bridal jewelry, is the fluctuating inflation rate. As seen in the graph above, sourced from Statista, the inflation rate in Pakistan has experienced ups and downs from 1987 to 2027.
It is making it more difficult for people to afford basic necessities, and it is discouraging businesses from investing in the country.
The data from Statista clearly illustrates the economic challenges faced by Pakistan over the years.
These economic fluctuations play a role in shaping consumers' purchasing decisions, as many seek more affordable alternatives, such as artificial jewelry, during periods of high inflation.

Popular artificial jewelry designs and brands in the Pakistani market

Artificial jewelry has become increasingly popular in Pakistan in recent years, thanks to advances in modern manufacturing techniques and the wide variety of designs and styles available. 

Pakistani brides are particularly fond of artificial jewelry, as it offers a more affordable and accessible alternative to traditional jewelry made from precious metals and gemstones.

Here are some of the most popular artificial jewelry designs and brands in the Pakistani market:


Jhumkas: These timeless Indian earrings are a favorite among brides. Their distinctive bell-shaped drop, dangling from a decorative top, makes them stand out. Whether crafted in gold or silver or adorned with faux stones, they're a statement piece.

Maang Tikkas: A prominent piece in traditional bridal attire, maang tikkas sit gracefully on the forehead. They often feature a centerpiece, tethered by a string of pearls or decorative beads, available in materials like gold, silver, or embellished with imitation stones.

Necklaces: Elaborate neckpieces are a staple for Pakistani brides. The materials range from gold, silver to faux stones. Designs span from chokers to rani haars and satladas.

Bracelets: Complementing the entire ensemble, brides often don bracelets. Whether made of gold, silver, or studded with imitation stones, styles like kadas, bangles, and choodas remain popular.

Top Artificial Jewelry Brands


Alita specializes in artificial jewelry for brides for every event. It's been two years since Alita decided to contribute to the artificial jewelry online industry and facilitate people with traditional and chic designs. They offer exclusive and trendy jewelry to everyone looking to make their outfit the event's star.


A notable name in the Pakistani scene, Zeen offers a diverse selection of imitation jewelry, from jhumkas and maang tikkas to necklaces and bracelets. They're lauded for their detailed craftsmanship.


A brand synonymous with traditional designs at pocket-friendly prices, Almirah's range of imitation jewelry has something for every bride.


Catering especially to brides, Zeesy stands out for its sophisticated designs and top-notch quality in the realm of imitation jewelry.

Hayaat Jewellery

Merging modern flair with traditional aesthetics, Hayaat Jewellery's range covers all the favorites - jhumkas, maang tikkas, necklaces, and bracelets, all at competitive prices.

The above are just a few examples of the many artificial jewelry brands and designs available in Pakistan. In addition to finding the perfect jewelry for their wedding theme, brides have a wide range of options to choose from.

Affordability Advantage

The price gap between authentic and imitation jewelry is noteworthy. To put it in perspective, a basic gold necklace paired with earrings might set you back by Rs. 100,000, whereas a similar-looking set from the imitation range might just be around Rs. 10,000. That's a substantial saving for brides. Lets understand this with the help of a bar graph below.

The bar graph illustrates the progression of Revenue and User Penetration in the Accessories market from 2023 to 2027.

  • The blue bars represent Revenue (in million USD), showcasing a consistent ascent from USD 535.30 million in 2023 to USD 691.70 million in 2027.
  • The orange bars represent User Penetration (%), linearly increasing from 6.3% in 2023 to 8.3% in 2027.

Both metrics are visually represented side by side for each year, facilitating a straightforward comparison and analysis of the growth in both aspects. The exact values are annotated above each bar for precision.

Given that weddings come with their fair share of expenses, every bit saved counts. Opting for imitation jewelry not only eases the financial pressure but also allows couples to allocate funds to other crucial wedding elements, from the venue and catering to capturing memories with photography.

Diverse Looks Without the Price Tag

When it comes to styles, imitation jewelry really spoils you for choice. Unlike genuine pieces that can be pricey because of the metals and stones used, artificial jewelry isn't tied down by these constraints. 

So, whether you're vibing with a vintage design or looking for something more modern, there's a good chance you'll find it in the imitation section.

Best part? You can rock those elaborate, eye-catching designs without fretting about the cost. It's all about getting that dream look without emptying your pockets!

Ease Your Mind from Security Worries

With the unfortunate uptick in thefts at big events like weddings, wearing pricey real jewelry can sometimes feel like a gamble.

There's always that nagging worry - what if it gets lost or someone swipes it? Here's where imitation jewelry shines. You can flaunt it without that constant over-the-shoulder glance.

Plus, there are more reasons to love imitation jewelry:

1. It's built to last, so you can rock it at multiple events post-wedding.

2. Say goodbye to frequent upkeep. No need for constant polishing or meticulous care.

3. It's a win for Mother Earth, too. Often crafted from repurposed materials, these pieces can be recycled when they've served their time.

If you're aiming for style without the splurge or stress, and if you've got safety on your mind, imitation jewelry's got your back.

Wrapping Up

The trend toward artificial jewelry among Pakistani brides is not merely a fleeting fashion statement but a shift driven by several compelling factors. 

Whether it's the affordability that allows brides to look dazzling without breaking the bank, the wide variety of designs that cater to individual tastes, or the durability that promises long-lasting beauty, artificial jewelry has carved out a significant place in modern Pakistani weddings.

Beyond the primary reasons, other considerations like ethical sourcing and personal safety also play a role in this growing trend.

This blog aimed to shed light on the key reasons behind the increasing popularity of artificial jewelry in Pakistani wedding culture. 

If you're planning your big day and considering your jewelry options, artificial pieces offer a versatile and practical choice without sacrificing style or significance. 

It seems clear that as we move forward, artificial jewelry will continue to adorn more and more brides who are savvy, style-conscious, and open to non-traditional options.

So, go ahead and explore this route; you might just find that perfect piece that not only complements your wedding attire but also reflects your unique personality and values.