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Gold Rate in Karachi


Today Gold Rate 

Gold Type Price (PKR)
24K - 1 Tola Gold Rate in Karachi Rs.243300
24K -10 Gram Gold Rate in Karachi Rs.208594.1
24K -1 Gram Gold Rate in Karachi Rs.20859.41


Today's Gold Prices in Karachi reveal that 24K gold is priced at Rs.243300 for 10 grams and Rs.241800 per tola, based on the data as per today, from the Karachi Jewelers Association. Keep in mind these rates are subject to change following international market trends. 

While 24K is the purest form you can get, options are available in 22K, 21K, 20K, and 18K as well. As of the latest update, the price for 1 grams of 22K gold is Rs. 19119  in Karachi. Be sure to stay tuned for real-time updates on gold rates across all karats. 

This table compares gold values for 24K and 22K purity levels in 10 grams and a tola units. 24K gold, known as pure gold, is too soft for jewelry, while 22K, comprising 91.7% gold and 8.3% alloys like copper, offers more durability and affordability.

Gold Performance in Karachi (Last 1 year)

This table shows the gold performance in Karachi over the last 1 year, with the difference in price (in Pakistani Rupees) and percentage change from the previous time period.

Period Difference (PKR)
Difference (%)
Yesterday Difference -150 -0.06
Last Month Difference -500 -0.21
Last Year Difference 7950 3.38

It is important to note that past performance is not indicative of future results. The gold market is unpredictable and can be affected by a number of factors, including conomic conditions, interest rates, and geopolitical events.

Gold Rate in Karachi Today

This upswing can be attributed to several contributing factors, including mounting inflation rates, heightened demand for gold as a secure asset, and a constricted supply of gold.

It's important to recognize that the gold market is inherently open to fluctuations, influenced by diverse factors such as global economic conditions, shifts in interest rates, currency value fluctuations, and geopolitical events. However, the overarching trend for gold prices is indicative of a consistent upward trend.

To further visualize these trends and gain a more lucid understanding, the following graph offers a concise overview of gold rates in Karachi over the past 30 days, detailing the variations across different purities.

By observing the trends, one can estimate the daily cost of gold, whether in terms of grams or the traditional unit of 'tola' commonly used in Pakistan. 

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