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Gold Rate in Skardu

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24K - 1 Tola Gold Rate in Skardu



24K (10 Gram) Gold Price in Skardu


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Gold Rates in Skardu as per the Pakistan Sarafa Market

Today presently, the per tola gold rate in Skardu stands at Rs.243700, as reported by the Skardu Gold Market.

Below, you'll find the current Skardu gold rates and a historical gold rates chart based on market data.

Calculate Skardu Gold Rates by Gram 

To calculate Skardu gold rates in 24K, simply input the gram weight in the text box. For comprehensive and historical gold rate conversions, we recommend utilizing our advanced Gold Calculator tool. Easily determine Skardu gold prices by leveraging our Gold conversion tool.

1 Gram 24 Karat Gold price in Skardu stands at Rs.20893.71 as per today.


Gold performance in Skardu over the last 1 year

Period Difference (PKR)
Difference (%)
Yesterday Difference -150 -0.06
Last Month Difference -500 -0.21
Last Year Difference 7950 3.38

Today's Gold Rates in Skardu

The performance of gold in the Skardu gold market over the previous day witnessed a increase of Rs. 1000 or 0.45% in value. When examining the monthly trend in Skardu gold rates over the past 30 days, there was a decrease of PKR 2300 and 1.05% in terms of percentage.

Looking at the yearly performance of gold prices in Skardu, there was an increase of Rs.13030, indicating a substantial 6.24% growth in value. Alita. pk also offers a user-friendly Gold rate conversion tool that caters to different weights and purities, including 24K, 22K, 21K, and 18K.

Utilizing this conversion tool enables you to conveniently access Gold rates for your preferred date, weight, and purity, aligned with the Skardu Gold market.

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