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Gold Rate in Pakistan Today Per Tola

Gold Rate in Pakistan Per tola Today

Gold Rate in Pakistan Today Per Tola reveals that 24K gold is priced at Rs. 207310 for 10 grams and Rs. 241800 per tola, based on the data as of today, from the Sarafa Market. Keep in mind these rates are subject to change following international market trends. 

Gold Rate in Pakistan Today Per Tola

Gold Purity

Rate Per 10 Grams

Rate Per Tola

Gold 24K



Gold 22K



Gold Price Difference Comparison in a Year

Period Difference (PKR)
Difference (%)
Yesterday Difference 150 0.06
Last Month Difference 1300 0.54
Last Year Difference 27300 12.72

Over the past year, the gold rate in Pakistan today per tola has seen notable changes. Yesterday, the price difference was Rs.500, a change of 0.23%.

On a monthly basis, the gold price difference was Rs. 2300, reflecting a 1.05% change.

Looking back over the last year, the difference in gold prices was significant, amounting to Rs. 13050, a substantial 6.24% shift.

The price of gold per tola has varied significantly, with recent figures showing a range of Rs. 218,200 at the highest and Rs. 109,100 at the lowest.

For 10 grams of gold, the pricing has also seen fluctuations. The highest recorded price was Rs. 187,070, while the lowest was Rs. 93,535.

On a per-gram basis, gold prices have been diverse, reaching a peak of Rs. 18,707 and dropping to a minimum of Rs. 9,354.

Gold prices per ounce present a broad spectrum, with the highest price at Rs. 530,340 and the lowest at Rs. 265,170, indicating notable market variations.

Difference between 24k , 22k and 21k Carats for Gold Prices 







99.9% pure gold

Less durable, very soft

Bright yellow

Ideal for investment, not recommended for daily wear jewelry


About 91.7% gold, alloyed with other metals

More durable than 24k, but still soft

Slightly subdued yellow

Commonly used for jewelry, balances purity and durability


Around 87.5% gold

More durable than 22k

Slightly less rich yellow than 22k

Used for jewelry that requires more durability but maintains high gold content

Gold Rate Prices in Major Cities of Pakistan

Top Cities 24k Gold /Tola
24k Gold 10 grams
Gold Rate in Islamabad 221700 190075.3
Gold Rate in Karachi 221600 189989.5
Gold Rate in Faisalabad 221700 190075.3
Gold Rate in Quetta 221800 190161
Gold Rate in Lahore 221650 190032.4
Gold Rate in Peshawer 221,750 190118.1
Gold Rate in Gilgit 221,950 190,290
Gold Rate in Sailkot 221,800 190,161
Gold Rate in Skardu 222000 190332.5
Gold Rate in Sakkur 221,900 190,247