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Gold Rate in Paksitan

Gold Price Pakistan

Alita. pk is a reliable provider of accurate gold rates in Pakistan, aligned with the Pakistan Gold Market. We offer up-to-date information on gold rates, complete with informative graphs illustrating current gold prices across various weight measures, including per ounce, per tola, and 10 grams. 

Alita. pk provides real-time updates on gold rates in accordance with the Pakistani market, empowering you to closely track price fluctuations and make informed decisions regarding your gold transactions. 

Additionally, we furnish historical gold rate data and comprehensive charts, enabling you to conduct in-depth analyses of gold market trends and formulate insightful predictions concerning future gold prices.

Gold Rate in Pakistan

On 16 September 2023, the cost for one tola of 24-karat gold in Pakistan stood at Rs 215,000. Meanwhile, 10 grams of the same purity were priced at Rs 184,328.

Similarly, the rate for 10 grams of 22k gold reached Rs 168,967, with its per tola price tagged at Rs 197,083.

It's crucial to highlight that gold prices in Pakistan adjust based on global market trends; hence, they are not static. 

Gold Rate in Pakistan Today - 16 September 2023

The following table clearly represents the prices of gold in Pakistan on 16 September 2023.

Gold Rate

24K Gold Rate Today

22K Gold Rate Today

per Tola Gold

Rs. 215,000

Rs. 197,083

per 10 Grams

Rs. 184,328

Rs. 168,967

per Gram Gold

Rs. 18,433

Rs. 16,897


The table provides a comparison of gold prices for two different purities: 24K and 22K. The prices are presented across three distinct weight measurements: per tola, per 10 grams, and per gram.

From the data, it's evident that 24K gold, which is purer, is priced higher than 22K gold across all weight measurements. The table offers a clear and concise overview of the current gold rates for these two gold purities.

 Pakistan Bullion Rates





Gold Rates




Silver Rates





The presented table provides insights into the Pakistan Bullion Rates for both Gold and Silver as of Wednesday, September 20, 2023.

Additionally, the table indicates that the bid price for Silver stands at Rs. 2,561 per tola, while the asking price is Rs. 2,581 per tola. These figures signify that prospective buyers are offering a maximum of Rs. 2,561 per tola for Silver, while sellers are willing to accept a minimum of Rs. 2,581 per tola.

It's crucial to bear in mind that bullion rates can experience fluctuations throughout the day. Therefore, it is advisable to consult with a trusted bullion dealer to obtain the most current and accurate prices prior to any transaction.

It's crucial to bear in mind that bullion rates can experience fluctuations throughout the day. Therefore, it is advisable to consult with a trusted bullion dealer to obtain the most current and accurate prices prior to any transaction.

Gold Prices Today in Major Cities of Pakistan

The table below shows the gold rate per tola (24K) in the major cities of Pakistan as of Wednesday, September 20, 2023.

City Symbol Bidding Asking Chart
Karachi KHI Rs. 217400 Rs. 217500 Gold Rate in Karachi Today
Lahore LHR Rs. 217450 Rs. 217550 Gold Rate in Lahore Today
Islamabad ISB Rs. 217500 Rs. 217600 Gold Rate in Islamabad Today
Quetta UET Rs. 217600 Rs. 217700 Gold Rate in Quetta
Peshawar PEW Rs. 217550 Rs. 217650 Gold Rate in Peshawar
Rawalpindi RWP Rs. 215050 Rs. 215150 Gold Rate in Rawalpindi
Faisalabad FSD Rs. 215000 Rs. 215100 Gold Rate in Faisalabad
Hyderabad HYD Rs. 215050 Rs. 215150 Gold Rate in Hyderabad
Sialkot SKT Rs. 215100 Rs. 215200 Gold Rate in Sialkot
Sukkur SUK Rs. 215200 Rs. 215300 Gold Rate in Sukkur
Gilgit GIL Rs. 215250 Rs. 215350 Gold Rate in Gilgit
Skardu KDU Rs. 215300 Rs. 215400 Gold Rate in Skardu


Current gold valuations in Pakistan span prominent cities like Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Quetta, and Peshawar. The rate variance between these cities is marginal, often only by a couple of hundred rupees.

Pakistan's gold value is in constant motion, affected by numerous determinants such as the international gold valuation, Pakistan's inflation trends, the rupee's stance against the dollar, gold's demand within the country, and its available stock.

It's crucial to recognize that individual jewelers might present slightly divergent prices; hence, it's advisable to scout different options and weigh the rates before settling on a purchase.

Today's Gold Rates in Pakistan 

In different Weightage & Karat

This table shows the gold rate in Pakistan in different weightage and karats as of Wednesday, September 20, 2023.

Gold Rate 24 Karat 22 Karat 21 Karat 18 Karat 12 Karat
per tola Rs. 217400 Rs. 199282 Rs. 190225 Rs. 163050 Rs. 108700
per 10 Gram Rs. 186390 Rs. 170856 Rs. 163091 Rs. 139793 Rs. 93195
per Gram Rs. 18639 Rs. 17086 Rs. 16309 Rs. 13979 Rs. 9320
per Ounce Rs. 528410 Rs. 484372 Rs. 462359 Rs. 396308 Rs. 264205


Daily Gold Rates in Pakistan (Last 15 Days)

Pure Gold Rates (24K) per Tola


Closing Rate

Day High

Day Low

20 Sep 2023

Rs. 217400

Rs. 217750

Rs. 217200

19 Sep 2023

Rs. 218100

Rs. 218450

Rs. 217900

18 Sep 2023

Rs. 220400

Rs. 220750

Rs. 220200

17 Sep 2023

Rs. 218000

Rs. 218000

Rs. 218000

16 Sep 2023

Rs. 218000

Rs. 218350

Rs. 217800

15 Sep 2023

Rs. 219500

Rs. 219850

Rs. 219300

14 Sep 2023

Rs. 218200

Rs. 218550

Rs. 218000

13 Sep 2023

Rs. 219000

Rs. 219350

Rs. 218800

12 Sep 2023

Rs. 216500

Rs. 216850

Rs. 216300

11 Sep 2023

Rs. 211800

Rs. 212150

Rs. 211600

10 Sep 2023

Rs. 211000

Rs. 211000

Rs. 211000

09 Sep 2023

Rs. 211000

Rs. 211350

Rs. 210800

08 Sep 2023

Rs. 215100

Rs. 215450

Rs. 214900

07 Sep 2023

Rs. 216000

Rs. 216350

Rs. 215800

06 Sep 2023

Rs. 222400

Rs. 222750

Rs. 222200


Fluctuations of Gold Prices in Pakistan Over the Past Year

Over the past year, the gold market in Pakistan has witnessed noteworthy oscillations, reflecting a dynamic mix of various economic, geopolitical, and market factors.

Such fluctuations are crucial for investors, policymakers, and consumers alike, as they influence investment strategies, economic forecasts, and purchasing decisions. 

The significance of gold in the financial and cultural fabric of Pakistan further highlights the importance of understanding these price changes.

For a detailed perspective, the table below provides a chronological representation of the gold prices across different karats. By studying the table, readers can gain insights into the exact numerical shifts over specific intervals. 

Following the table, a visual line graph offers a more intuitive understanding of the trend, making it easier to grasp the magnitude and direction of the price changes.


Date 24K 22K 21K 18K
September 15, 2023 218200 200015 190925 163650
May 15, 2023 242600 215100 207000 177500
January 15, 2023 209700 189000 180000 150000
August 15, 2022 185000 165000 156000 126000

As one looks deeper into the table, one can see specific patterns and notable shifts in the gold rates. From August 2022 to May 2023, there was a significant upswing in prices across all karats, with the 24K gold experiencing the steepest ascent. This peak in May 2023 represents a record high for the year. 

However, by September 2023, while the prices have adjusted downwards, they still remain substantially higher than those of the previous year. Such fluctuations are not just mere numbers; they narrate a story of economic changes, investment behaviors, and market sentiments. 

To further visualize these trends and gain a more lucid understanding, the subsequent graph paints a clearer picture of this year-long journey of gold prices in Pakistan.

After analyzing both the table and the graph, it becomes evident that gold prices peaked around May 2023 and have since adjusted slightly. Such data-driven insights can be foundational for anyone keen on understanding the gold market in Pakistan or making informed decisions related to it.

It's crucial to highlight that the gold valuations in Pakistan might see variations shortly due to elements such as global economic unpredictability and the dynamics of the rupee-dollar relationship.

Silver / Gold Purity Details

in different Karats

Gold/Silver Purity

Percentage of Gold

24 Karat Gold


22 Karat Gold


21 Karat Gold


20 Karat Gold


18 Karat Gold


16 Karat Gold


14 Karat Gold


12 Karat Gold


10 Karat Gold


Silver Fine


Silver Sterling


Silver Coin


Silver German



The Gold and Silver Rates are established by the respective Sarafa Associations in their respective cities.

These Gold and Sarafa Associations release their rates once or multiple times during the day, aligning with international rate fluctuations. Your Trusted Source for Real-Time Gold Rates in Pakistan

Alita. pk serves as your premier source for precise and punctual updates regarding gold rates in Pakistan. Within Pakistan, Karachi stands as the central hub for gold trading, with the Karachi Sarafa Market setting the benchmark for gold rates nationwide. 

Gold brokers and jewelers across Pakistan closely track the trends in the Karachi Gold Market to determine today's gold prices in their respective cities. Our gold rates in Pakistan are subject to daily updates, influenced by a variety of factors, including the global gold market, currency exchange rates, and local supply and demand dynamics. 

We maintain real-time updates of gold prices, ensuring that our rates consistently reflect the current state of the Pakistani gold market. Whether you're an experienced investor or simply interested in understanding the dynamics of the local and international gold markets, rely on Alita. pk for accurate and up-to-date information.